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The Top Ten Things You Dont Want to Hear About Losing Weight

(But What You Need to Know if You Want to Get Fit!)

10)á No, you won't end up looking like the latest hot youngá model/singer/actress!

Let's face it:á your body is your body.áá It's the only one you've got.á Can you still look great?á Sure!á But there are some things you can't change.á You can't make your legs longer or your feet smaller.á You can't grow five inches or elongate your torso.á You have what you have, so work with it!á Concentrate on making a healthy and fit you instead of wishing you looked like someone else.á You don't have to be perfect to be attractive.á A strong, fit body as well as the self-confidence it brings can make any person attractive!

9) It's better to be muscular and weigh more than to be flabby and weigh less.

I've said it so many times:á I'd much rather be 135lbs and muscular than 120lbs and flabby.á I've been both, and 135lbs with a lower percent of body fat was definitely better!á I was smaller, stronger and had much more energy.á So, don't always seek that magical number on the scale, but look at your total body composition instead.

8)á You can't get fit in a week.

Okay, well, you can, but only if you're one week away from being in peak condition and you keep working out.á Otherwise, forget about it!á If you want to look good for that class reunion or because you'll be in a bikini soon, then get moving way before that.á Or better yet, get moving for your own health and not for "things" like reunions and bikinis.

7)á You need to put some effort into it.

You want to get fit?á You have to work at it.á You have to plan it, you have to schedule it, and, most importantly, you have to do it.á No excuses.á Sitting on the couch, telling yourself you should be doing something will not burn up a lot of calories.á If nothing else, get out there and start walking.á And while you're out there walking think about a plan of action for a healthier you and get started on it today - not tomorrow!

6)á You need to exercise.

Can you lose weight just by diet alone?á Sure, you can!á But if you want to get fit, you need to exercise those muscles, including your heart.á And that heart won't get any exercise if you're sitting on the couch, eating broccoli.á Lose the weight that you need to lose and you'll just end up with a thin, but flabby, body.á Get moving!á Weight training is ideal, but if you're really not into weight training, find an activity you like to do that work all your major muscle groups.

5)á You need to eat properly.

Putting aside any low carb/low fat/high protein controversies, the simple fact is, if you want a fit body, you need to nourish it.á Protein, carbs and fat are important, but vitamins and minerals are key elements that your body needs, too.á No matter what way of eating you're following make sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals.á Add a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit to your diet.á The next time you go grocery shopping, linger around the produce section and not only pick out some old favorites, but experiment a little by trying something new!

4) You can't lose weight overnight.

You didn't gain it overnight -- or in two months -- and you're not going to lose it overnightá -- or in two months.á Think of getting fit as a train leaving the station:á you start off slow, gather speed and then off you go!á Patience is the key here.á Look for consistent trends.á If you're really not losing fat and getting stronger after a couple of months, then you need to sit down and honestly analyze what you're doing.á Keep a journal to help you know how you're really eating and exercising.

3)á You can't spot reduce.

Genetics will decide where the fat will come off.á Doing 1000 crunches won't reduce your belly fat.á Nor will 1000 leg lifts get rid of the fat on your inner thighs.á Your body does not burn the fat it needs from the body part that you're exercising.á Your body will burn fat much like an onion is peeled, a layer at a time, if you will.á So, don't overdo it on the exercise for one specific body part and look to getting your whole body in shape.

2)á There are no quick fixes.

That's right, you heard me.á There are no quick fixes.á None.á Put all those pills, potions, contraptions and miracle diets in the garbage where they belong.á Learn the basics about how your body gains muscle and loses fat, so you won't get sucked in by another scam again.

1)á Fitness is a lifelong commitment!

So, you faithfully work out and eat properly and you've reached your goals.á Now what?á Well, now you've got to keep doing it for the rest of your life, that's what!á You can't just work your way to being fit and then stop, because you'll end up exactly like you were before.á Fitness is a lifelong commitment.á And, you want to know a secret?á It isn't easy!á And anyone who says it is easy is trying to sell you something.á Make fitness a lifelong ambition and you'll reap the rewards of a long and healthy life, filled with energy, strength and an overall sense of well being.

Suzanne Hiscock has been interested in fitness and nutrition for over 16 years.á She is the owner of FitWatch Inc. and developer of theáFitWatch Fitness Tracker, an online food and exercise tracker.á You can visit the site atá for a variety of fitness calculators and tools.


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