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Ascensia Breeze Glucometer Rated

Simple Testing Over and Over

* simple and easy testing. Simple single-function buttons are easy-to-use and easy to understand

* No more having to use individual test strips. You have One easy-to-load autodisc which includes 10 individual test strip.

* No coding required

* Glucometer has a comfortable shape. Fits right in the palm of your hand. Glucose blood sugar machine is stable for table-top testing

* Get accurate results fast.

* You need just a very small blood drop because the test strip automatically draws the blood right on the strip - that's what Bayer calls the "Sip-in Sampling"«

* Saves information up to 100 tests

* You can download the meter's information with your computer using the Ascensia Winglucofacts Diabetes Management Software for simple and flexible diabetes data management

* Ascensia Glucometers has been cleared for multiple site testing. You have more choice and flexibility about where you prefer to test.

* You can test on your finger, forearm, palm, abdomen or thigh -- it's up to you. However, make sure you talk to your healthcare professional first to make sure that alternate site testing is right for you.

* Simple to use lancet device.

Pros and Cons of Ascensia Breeze Glucose Monitor


**Simple to use because you don't have to change the strips everytime you want to test your blood sugar

**Simple to use lancet device.

**With a pull forward and push back method to release the strip it is an easy way to release the strip.

**Only needs a tiny drop of blood.


**If you want to do alternative testing, you have to call Bayer and they will send you a special lancing device so you can use alternative testing. You do have to pay like a $4.95 S&H fee. Or they include a $25 coupon you can take to your pharmcacy to get the special lancing device. And that's if the pharmacy has it available.

** That means once you have your blood glucose machine, you can't start testing on alternative sites until you have the special lancing device.

**To open the machine at the top can be confusing initially and a little difficult if you have arthritis. Though most patients do get the hang of it after a few times.

**The pull and push back method to release the strip again may have some arthritis patients having some difficulty but most patients are able to do this in a few tries.

Overall, this is a great glucomenter. If it weren't that you have to call Bayer to get the special lancing device, I would rate this machine a 9. But because of this factor, again, like the Accucheck Compact, this glucometer would be rated an 8.

Either machine, the Accucheck Compack and the Ascencia Breeze both are high tech glucose meter that really do help the diabetes perform simpler blood sugar results and feel both of these are the best glucometers on the market now.

Here is the pdf for the instruction for the Ascensia Breeze. By the way, Bayer makes the Ascensia Breeze. Definitely shocked me when I started using this glucose machine on my patients.



Copyright 2005 Fern Kuhn, RN
Specializing in Diabetes

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