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October: A Month of Personal Harvest

October is hands down my favorite month. Every year l look forward to a visit to Lynd's Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio. My husband and I get in the car on a crisp day and take in the leaves displaying their glorious colors as we travel the country road. Once we reach the farm, I pour through bushel baskets brimming with gourds and Indian corn, wander the pumpkin patch, and pluck ripe apples from the trees. In addition, I reflect upon the hard work that was put in months before by the Lynd's in anticipation of this one month of autumn abundance.

This month, why not have a personal harvest?

Step 1: Reap

The farmers have been working for months to get their crops in peak condition and are now ready to reap their produce. How satisfying it must be to finally be rewarded with excited children picking out the perfect pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern or seeing a family pick their own apples.

Even non-farmers need a time to stop and relish in their successes. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Reflect upon the hard work you have put into your life. We can get discouraged when looking at how far we have to go. Instead, look at how far you've come.

Ask yourself - What have I accomplished in the last week? Month? Year? Write down you answers so that you can see just how voluminous your response is.

In our fast paced society, it can be easy to always ask "What's next?" But stopping to celebrate our successes can be invigorating, providing the enthusiasm and energy needed to tackle that next project.

Step 2: Share

Famers offer their harvest to others. It could be that extra tomato given to the neighbor or acres of soybeans sold for profit. Either way, the produce must be used or it has no value.

Now look at you list of accomplishments.

What have you learned that you can share with others? How can the things you have "harvested" be used to serve the community -- either on a volunteer basis or for profit? Regardless, there is value in what you've reaped.

Happy Harvesting!

About The Author

Written by Megan Corwin, Personal Coach. Visit or email to schedule your complimentary 30-minute coaching session and to find out how a personal coach can help you have more time and energy for the things you enjoy.


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