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Get More Personal

Most folks who know me, know that when people write me I always like to write back and show how much I appreciate the message. I do stay busy, but taking the time to write back is something that's very important to me.

Well friends, the other day I slipped up! (See even I can admit my mistakes... lol. After all that's how we grow isn't it?). You see I received a message from a person that had two parts to it. The first part a very kind note letting me know how much she enjoyed the ezine I offer, while the second part was asking about purchasing a sponsorship ad in the newsletter.

I must have been in a bit of a hurry at the time so I only wrote back regarding the sponsorship part of the note (I am not making an excuse for myself here. Lack of time is simply no excuse when building relationships... professional, personal or otherwise. That's a rule you'll want to take to heart I assure you).

When I first replied I didn't even realize that I had been so hasty about it. Then luckily (I'll explain why it was lucky in a second) the person wrote back to tell me that I had not taken the time to give thanks and that I had only mentioned the sponsorship part in my reply to her.

She went on to tell me that she understood, but did offer the great advice that I should be a bit more personal. You see, while that is exactly how I am virtually all the time, it didn't matter because in this particular circumstance it was my first correspondence with her, and she had no basis for judging me except by this first impression.

You see, she had absolutely no way of knowing that I do try to be personal. That was my job, and yours to portray with the actions we show others. I love the saying, "Your actions speak so loudly I can barely hear the words you say". Wow! how fitting is that to the situation I found myself in?

Looking back, I am so thankful that she took the time to remind me. Had she not I might have slipped up again! (heck I'm only human right? :) You see, folks in our busy hectic day-to-day schedules we all get in a bit of a hurry. Maybe you're selling a product (You are at least selling yourself) and not even realizing it but you walk into a person's office or house and jump right into your sales spiel.

If you do this I am certain that you're missing the boat! People want to know us prior to doing business with us (or extending a friendship to us as the case may be). When we first fill this basic human need we are in a much better place with regard to being able to give them what they need. Believe me, it is a position that is worth putting forth the effort to be in... Your friend in success, Josh Hinds

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